Bottled Water Delivery

To know your family or employees have safe, high quality, great tasting bottled water to drink is essential to your peace of mind. Whether you are looking for bottled water home or office delivery, E-Z Brew delivers just what you're looking for and more.
Bottled Water Service

We offer single, 3-gallon and 5-gallon bottle options.

Filtration Systems

Both home and office botttled water service and filtration systems are available.

Home & Office Bottled Water Delivery

We have solutions for any size home or business.

Single Serve Bottles

Bottled water cases are also available.

The Best Quality Water

Commercial Reverse Osmosis & Filtered Water Cooler Services
Providing Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Technology To The State of Florida For Over 13 Years

E-Z Brew provides pure drinking water through our reverse osmosis system.

Reverse osmosis purifies tap water by 99% of contaminants. Recommended by health professionals including doctors and dieticians.

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is the process in which water is forced by pressure through a semi-permiable membrane against the natural equalibrium force. Water passes through the membrane while the dissolved and particulate materials are left behind. When pressure is allplied to the concentrated solution, water is forced through the membrane from the concentrated side to the dilute side. When the applied pressure exceeds the osmotic pressure, reverse osmosis will take place. The process purifies the water, often reducing total dissolved solids content by 99%.

The membrane is made of thin, multi-layered sheets with microscopic pores that let water pass through while acting as a barrier to stop dissolved particles like salt. This system uses semi-permible spiral wound, then filmed membranes to seperate and remove dissolved solids, organic material, pyrogens, submicron collidal matter, viruses and bacteria from water. Feed water is delivered under pressure to the membranes, where reveerse osmosis takes place. Water permeates the minute pores of the membrane and is delivered as purified product water. The impurities of the water do not pass through the membrane and are instead concentrated in the reject stream that is flushed to the drain.